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Appliance Warning Signs to Prompt You Call Burlington Electrical Services

Appliance Warning Signs to Prompt You Call Burlington Electrical Services

Appliances in homes help make life easier, they wash the dishes, cook the food, wash clothes, iron clothes, dry clothes, and keep food frozen. These appliances use electricity to run and when there is a problem with circuit breakers, wiring, switches, or grounding, you may find that the appliances don’t operate as required. In fact, appliances can warn you when you should be calling in Burlington electrical services. Here are appliance warning signs you shouldn’t overlook:

Shock on Touching an Appliance

When you use appliances at home, you want to keep watch of how they are behaving. It can help you identify a problem that you can deal with in time before it worsens or causes costly repairs. If you can feel an electric shock when you touch an appliance, it could mean that there is a loose connection, the appliance is faulty, or the wiring isn’t grounded sufficiently. It’s better to stop using the appliance because it can cause serious injury or damage to your body from electrocution.

Smoke, Sparks, and Burning

Among the easiest and common ways of identifying potentially hazardous appliances is the presence of smoke, sparks or burning. If an appliance is sparking or creating a burning odor when you plug it on, then it needs the attention of an electrician. Smoke or sparks and burning odor need to be treated like electric shocks, so you should turn off the equipment and call an electrician. The smoke or sparks may be caused by a loose wiring or outlet. It may also be caused by wiring that touch each other because the insulation is damaged or has worn out.

Frequent Trips of Circuit Breakers

The circuit breaker you see in your home serves the purpose of preventing fires. When you run your appliances and there seems to be overloading, the breaker can trip off to ensure that the electrical system or your appliance doesn’t get damaged. If you have a circuit breaker that is tripping regularly, it may indicate that there is an underlying problem to be checked. You might have purchased new equipment and added onto your circuits but you haven’t had any recent upgrade of the electrical panel. If the existing electrical components cannot safely feed electricity to the appliances, you will see the circuit breaker going off.

If the insulation of electrical wires has developed problems or is exposed and the wires are touching each other, again, the breaker may trip when you set the appliances on. You can test the problem of overloading by switching some appliances off, and only having a few run. If you find that the tripping isn’t occurring when some appliances are turned off, then it may be a problem to do with overloading.

When you begin to see your appliances behave in a way to suggest faults in the electrical system, you should contact Burlington electrical services to have the wiring, switches, outlets, circuit breakers, and electrical panels inspected. You may find that you need a rewiring, or a replacement of the panel or switches.